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[-]   Real Estate Public Records: 950+ counties available online

You can now look up a property's tax information, assessed value, zoning, sale information, land and utilities, building description and more. 1000+ online records available here (real estate public records updated as of 01/2014). You can also search for a property's census tract.

Databases currently available on CenStats Databases:
  1. Building Permits: Building permit statistics on new residential and nonresidential construction for individual municipalities. Updated monthly.
  2. Census Tract Street Locator: Find census tract numbers for residential street addresses.
    • Census Tract Street Locator is now inclued in the American FactFinder (based on Census 2000 boundaries)
    • Also see the FFIEC Geocoding System (based on 1990 census boundaries) for financial reporting requirements.

  3. Detailed Occupation by Race, Hispanic Origin and Sex: Occupation data from the 1990 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) File. Included are 512 detailed occupations by race, hispanic origin and sex tabulated from the 1990 census.
  4. USA Counties: Demographic and economic data for States and counties. Updated every two years.
  5. County Business Patterns: Employment and earnings by 4-digit Standard Industrial Classification by state and county (1993-1997) and ZIP code (1994-1997) and by North American Industry Classification System (beginning 1998) by state and county, metropolitan statistical area and ZIP code. Updated annually.
  6. International Trade Data: Exports and imports by Standard International Trade Classification (SITC). Updated monthly.
  7. 1990 Public Law 94-171 Data: 1990 Census of Population and Housing Public Law 94-171 Data Age by Race and Hispanic Origin.
[-]   Appraisers’ Tools: forms, appraisers’ boards, USPAP, FEMA, EPA, HUD...

This category mostly offers free resources to appraisers or those who want to become one.
  1. State Appraisal Boards with address, phone numbers and web sites.
  2. State Licensing/Certificiation Requirements
  3. State Temporary Practice Requirements
  4. State Reciprocity Requirements
  5. Real Property Appraiser Qualification
  6. Becoming an Appraiser: How can I become an Appraiser?
  7. Information on counties
  8. Locate a county by place name
  9. FEMA
  10. EPA - US Environmenal Protection Agency
  11. EPA - Search your community
  12. Online DC License renewal
  13. Online MD License renewal
  14. Online VA License renewal
  15. MD Real Estate Appraiser Regulations
  16. VA Real Estate Appraiser Regulations
  17. McKissock National Seminars (continuing education)
  18. McKissock Online Courses (continuing education)
The following forms/documents are available for download:
  1. Fannie Mae Guidelines
  2. Information for FHA Appraisers such as general info, handbooks, forms, mortgagee letters, search tools and more.
  3. HUD VC Sheet Form
  4. HUD Forms
  5. HUD/VA/EPA/Fannie Mae Forms
  6. Appraisal Forms
  7. Freddie Mac Forms
  8. USPAP Online
  9. DC License Qualifications
  10. MD License Qualifications
  11. VA License Qualifications
  12. DC License Application
  13. MD License Application
  14. VA License Application
Additional appraisal forms

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