If confidential information is removed from the appraisal report, can it be submitted as sample work?

If an appraiser “whites out” the client’s name and the subject property address on an appraisal report, can that appraiser submit the report to a lender as an example of his or her work?

Lender’s practice of requiring work samples from appraisers for consideration in the appraiser approval process began prior to the implementation of state-administered appraiser licensing and certification programs. At the time this practice was developed, anyone could claim to be an appraiser, regardless of their ability, experience or education. Circumstances have changed and prospective clients should now be able to rely on state licensing programs to provide qualified practitioners as they do for other licensed or certified professionals. An appraiser who provides appraisal reports as work samples without the original client’s specific permission has violated the Confidentiality section of the ETHICS PROVISION of USPAP even if that appraiser has somehow hidden the client’s name and the identification of the subject property.

Source: ASB, Appraisal Foundation.

Image credit flickr - michael swan